2.5.05 something in your eyes has been keeping my hope alive
Funny how the band is more active lately after its supposed "last show" than it was before. First things first: we've applied to play MacRock, a college radio festival in Harrisonburg in April. Wish us luck.

Also, I set up a photographic retrospective of the band over at Webshots for everyone to peruse at their leisure.

Finally, I gave in and set up a MySpace account for the band, so we can set up streaming music over the internet more easily than at SoundClick. (There's also one for my solo stuff if you're interested.) Add us and comment, we'd love the input.

I'll keep you posted on MacRock. Until then, cheers.

1.2.05 new year's day
Miraculously, the Small-Town Dogma website has died and today been resurrected. I bring to you the post-gig news. As Rick so eloquently put it, "Back in high school, we were in a closed relationship. In college, since we were in other bands, it was an open relationship. Now, it's a booty call." Small-Town Dogma is NOT broken up, we just wanted to let everyone know that we have no idea when you'll be able to see us again. It was a good sendoff, and we couldn't be happier that we were able to do it with so many friends. So, on behalf of David, Rick and Wes, I bid you a fond farewell (for now).
8.21.04 somebody told me
Hope you guys enjoyed the summer chock-full of shenanigans and giggery. If you did, be sure and let us know, because we must have missed the memo. We all feel really bad that we didn't get any real large-scale gigs off this summer, but the sad fact is that there's nowhere to play. We did have a lot of fun otherwise this summer (including a few house shows in Norfolk and Chesapeake, a Ben solo gig, and phantom electrocution of Wes's brother Lee J), though, and we thank everyone who was a part of it. One day we'll post more pictures and the lyrics to the new song(s) "Stamina" and "Downagain." We are going to try very hard to get a big show over Winter Break, so keep your eyes peeled. Until then, PLEASE sign the newly-fixed guestbook (link above) or email us at smalltowndogma@gmail.com and we'll get right back to you with whatever cosmic question you wish to pose to us. I myself need to get back to packing up for William and Mary tomorrow. It's 2AM...that may just be enough time.
David says... "what's popular is not always right. what's right is not always popular. listen to your heart."
P-rick says... "stay clean kids. mohawk out.
Wes says... probably something about surfing, being "tweaked", or a variation on the words "sweet" or "beast." In other words, unavailable for comment at press time.

6.12.04 take me out
Good evening/morning, Dogmites. It is now 2:30 a.m. and I bring you the non-news of Small-Town Dogma. We have had but one practice this summer, since David was in Spain until the beginning of the month. Wes celebrated David's return with a 10-day trip to Florida, which should be wrapping up any day now. After that, expect musical goodness. There will hopefully be solo gigs, special combination gigs, all kinds of stuff. And, of course, the Dogma you know and love. David wants you all to know that Premier Events is treating him very well, and he should be released into the wild soon. No word from the illustrious Rick. So far, summer has been interesting. Traffic jams, mudwrestling, job hunts, the list goes on. We do hope you'll stick with us in these sunset summer days of Small-Town Dogma. Rock on, over and out.

4.25.04 i was just frontin'
I'm not sure if I'm proud to report that I'm listening to way too much Pharrell lately. Maybe it's because of the Princess Anne connection. Either way.

So at the behest of David (pronounced like the Spanish would: dah-veed), I've added his third history of Small-Town Dogma over here. Dogmologists rejoice. Also, I think it would be really cool if Small-Town Dogma fans wrote the individual biographies of the members. Any takers?

That's really all I have to say. I do recommend any fans of the Hampton Roads music scene (and thinkers alike) to check out the Orange Drink messageboard, it's hoppin'. Look for more Dogma in June or so.
4.03.04 laughing out loud
The below is an April Fool's joke. While we're never exactly sure what the next appearance of STD will be, like all good STDs, we never really go away. It's 1:30 AM here in Williamsburg, and I just got finished playing the concert the band was going to do before logistics made it impossible. It was probably the most unpleasant circumstances (weather-wise) I've ever played in (cold and rainy), but it was fun, and there were good friends all over. Plus, they gave me a thermos. I feel like Thermos should be Mars' third moon, after Phobos and Deimos. Just a thought.

Karate is an awesome band, excellent right before bed. Which is where I'm going. Good night, friends, and know that Small-Town Dogma loves you, wherever you may be.

3.31.04 the end of an era
Thanks for the memories, guys. After a lot of discussion among the band members and some soul-searching, Rick, David, Wes, and I have decided to bring Small-Town Dogma to an end. It's been a fantastic four year run for us, and I couldn't imagine spending it with three more awesome guys. With graduation and the real world fast approaching, we decided that it would be too much trouble to try and maintain the band throughout this transition phase. With Nancy finally done, we feel we've left our mark on posterity and can leave the musical scene in peace, a little better than we found it. At any rate, thanks for all the fun and supporting us all along. We would be different people without it.